mardi 20 janvier 2009

.NET Software Microsoft architect for web applications

I'm a consultant specialized in .NET technologies since 10 years. I have worked in services company as a software engineer.
You can see the details of my career on Viadeo.

Here are my knowledge :

In my beginnings, I have learned programming techniques through professional projects , technical books (Wrox, Apress, Oreilly) and above all Website resources. Today, I actively particpate in the .NET community, and I answer in many forum posts.
ASP.NET is my passion , and i love the webcontrols design.

To enhance my professional experience , I have succeded my Microsofoft Certifications in January 2012 :

I wrote technical articles in several websites , my best technical website is Codeproject :

I wrote some articles too in a popular french resources website :

i have created my company DZ-AXIUM (web site : ) and wher i realize some tasks for my clients :

  • I have taught .NET technologies in paris schools
  • I am a consultant technical manager in companies
  • I specialized myself in Ecommerce solution and particularly in NOPCommerce

I am very interested in augmented reality, and I developped a solution based on AFORGE Project allowing generating films with dynamic content (youtube video and picture).Go to see One important thing : The web site work only if my personal server is activated so contact me if you want to try.

I developped an ecommerce website selling jewelry.
I used the excellent NOPCommerce solution that i fully customized and i developped a plugin system giving the possibility to try jewerly with your webcam : . I want to thanks NYAN , my excellent graphic artist and friend, and Benjamin Vergne excellent flash developper. Go to see his artistic blog :


I have several other passions in my life :
I have practised tennis since 20 years and i realized my dream : I have worked for the Roland Garros tournament where i developped an accreditation system for VIP persons. Fan of Roger Federer ;)

I like to play poker (not for the money but for the fun !), the strategy and psycholgy of this game is so complex and so exciting.
I have participated to a big competition on the internet and I have managed to be qualified. The video doesn't work with IE(PANDA in the film)